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Poduction lines, which become production cells, communicate with each other autonomously, creating so called “SMART-Factories”. In addition, new intelligent devices are coming, for example in the energy, recreation, and health sectors. One possible example is an active contact lens, which uses tear fluid to measure and report blood glucose levels. “Industry 4.0” is under constant development. Furthermore, there will be increased networking between autonomous systems. Business processes will transcend individual systems. The lines are becoming more and more blurred. Product manufacturing will become more individual, more flexible, and more efficient. The same goes for services.

The amount of data will continue to increase. The field of BIG DATA will likely keep the economy occupied for the next several years. There will also be exciting challenges arising from SMART Factories. In this way every product will become a kind of custom production. Burwick Analytics enables big data analysts to generate a model without any programming and to change this model at any time. Compared to pre-constructed models, our analysis tool will never be outdated. With big data analysis companies can react to changes more quickly. Intelligent modules are also important here, either during construction of the model or later in daily use, for example in the form of early warning systems. With Burwick Analytics you will be equipped for the big data analyses of the future. We’d be happy to assist you.

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Burwick Analytics provides developers and businesses with proof-of-concepts, platforms, and applications with a scalable blockchain database based on B/3. Our Analysis tool is suitable for all industries, and its uses include identification, copyright and performance rights, supply chains, the energy industry, the Internet of Things, the finance industry, or for your own ecosystem, without sacrificing scalability, security, or performance to have to. With high throughput, persistent latency, and strong crypto-escrow functionality to enable automated asset release. Burwick Analytics sees, acts and feels like a database, but basically has a blockchain characteristic that companies want.

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